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A website about the great trinity of Love, Wisdom and Truth

When the greatest of all things, LOVE is combined with WISDOM, TRUTH is always the outcome.  It is a truism that all of life can be based

Love plus Wisdom equals Truth


Let's say that you have a problem believing in God or the Tao, you might even consider yourself an Atheist, this is no problem, especially if you believe in Love, Love is the greatest thing known and unknown, it is the universal understanding of good, true love is absolutely unconditional and is ideally all encompassing.


For the religious ones of you, God created all that is out of the love for all that is, just as love flows from the Tao freely, Love has no bad karmic repercussions, it in fact reverses bad karmic effects, it is immune to all negative emotions, it doesn't get jealous, it doesn't require anything from any body, it simply IS.


Love is in fact "The Greatest Thing in the World", Henry Drummond thinks so and has written a short explanation stating such, he make biblical references, but if you are not religious, they will make no difference.


There is an universal importance for Love that transcends all religions and beliefs, it does not matter what your belief system is, if you believe in true, unconditional love, and that is the basis of your belief system, all other considerations are inconsequential.


                 Love, Wisdom and Truth?


Just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the peanut butter and jelly are Love and Wisdom and the bread is the truth that encompasses it all.


It is sad that love has been limited by conceptions of how it should be, stipulations and conditions have been placed upon it that has dumb ed it down where Wisdom no longer can be a part of it.


Love should be always unconditional and always free to be everywhere with no stipulations.


Just like the light from the sun shines on all without a thought of leaving anyone out, it's brilliance plays no favorites, it's welcome warmth is available to all that encounter it.


This is how Love is, and Wisdom is proud to be a part of it.....And that is the Truth.

more stuff to follow soon...