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A website about the great trinity of Love, Wisdom and Truth

When the greatest of all things, LOVE is combined with WISDOM, TRUTH is always the outcome.  It is a truism that all of life can be based

Love plus Wisdom equals Truth


Let's say that you have a problem believing in God or the Tao, you might even consider yourself an Atheist, this is no problem, especially if you believe in Love, Love is the greatest thing known and unknown, it is the universal understanding of good, true love is absolutely unconditional and is ideally all encompassing.


For the religious ones of you, God created all that is out of the love for all that is, just as love flows from the Tao freely, Love has no bad karmic repercussions, it in fact reverses bad karmic effects, it is immune to all negative emotions, it doesn't get jealous, it doesn't require anything from any body, it simply IS.


Love is in fact "The Greatest Thing in the World", Henry Drummond thinks so and has written a short explanation stating such, he makes biblical references, but if you are not religious, they will make no difference.


There is an universal importance for Love that transcends all religions and beliefs, it does not matter what your belief system is, if you believe in true, unconditional love, and that is the basis of your belief system, all other considerations are inconsequential.


Love, Wisdom and Truth?


Just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the peanut butter and jelly are Love and Wisdom and the bread is the truth that encompasses it all.


It is sad that love has been limited by conceptions of how it should be, stipulations and conditions have been placed upon it that has dumb ed it down where Wisdom no longer can be a part of it.


Love should be always unconditional and always free to be everywhere with no stipulations.


Just like the light from the sun shines on all without a thought of leaving anyone out, it's brilliance plays no favorites, it's welcome warmth is available to all that encounter it.


This is how Love is, and Wisdom is proud to be a part of it.....And that is the Truth.


There cannot be a discussion about Love, Wisdom and Truth without bringing duality into the mix by presenting the other half of this seemingly eternal team of Hate, Ignorance and Lies,


they just seem to roll off of your tongue, these horrible 3 are the material side of existence as opposed to our "good guys" which are on the spiritual or divine side of the fence, these material based misfits hang out with the likes of Greed, Fear and Lust,


it is kind of obvious that they are not virtues, but then again they are part of our dualistic existence and need to be accommodated for by allowing some small and I hope a very small percentage to seep through.


Our Free Will will determine how much .


Since we are bringing aspects of hermeticism into this discussion, it should be recognized that Love and Hate are on opposite sides of the spectrum, there are many positions between the two that can be realized as one or the other,


at best we can assume a position as an observer and try not to get involved to great extents, opinions among people travel back and forth on this scale greatly, tolerance is a great defense for this.


Just as Wisdom and Ignorance travel this type of scale also, tolerance is also an equalizer that allows different views to be observed while keeping you on the plus side.


Truth and Lies or less truths, can be mostly matters of opinion and are the trickiest to deal with, tolerance again may save the day in these cases.


When you think of Wisdom, do you believe wise words are the truth? Do certain passages from your favorite scriptures leave you with an undeniable feeling of truth and Wisdom in them?


Wisdom is also a universal property of Truth and not the sole property of any particular religion.


When you see someone acting in a loving, compassionate way towards someone, do you believe them wise? If they were acting this way towards someone that you did not like, you may think them the fool,


but the truth is that love and compassion cannot be used in a bad way, especially if it is done as an unselfish act. Can you see the Wisdom in that?


You would think that there is a very limited discussion that can be had from Love, Wisdom and Truth, but in fact, these three simple words could end all war and all world hunger,


when you look at every situation through the eyes of unconditional Love, nothing but good can result from it, if we were all endowed with great wisdom, the ignorance and stupidity would be a faint part of an insignificant history that would be taught in schools to remind us of our savage past,


and Truth would be the Light that would open all of our eyes to a reality that was always there, but concealed by the ignorance of Hate which results from the stupidity of greed and falsehoods.


Our examples and actions are the greatest testimony in the power of these three simple words.


Love and Wisdom have often be compared to sex, the love aspect is represented by the woman and the wisdom aspect is represented by the man.


The compassionate nurturing of a mother are the basis of Love and the positive willful actions of a man are a product of Wisdom, the strength of wisdom and the heart felt love are the two sides of the metaphorical coin of truth,


they both embrace a balance that must be maintained, the yin and yang of existence, and when the marriage of these two are formed, the most perfect example of their child truth can be presented for all to follow.


Competition, high aspirations, excess, pride, these all need to be balanced when it comes to Love, Wisdom and Truth, they are based on and or the causes of material things,


they are the oil that doesn't mix well with our pure water, unfortunately, they are a part of all of our material existences, how about mixing a little cooperation and kindness with that competition,


those high aspirations don't always have to be personal, a little altruism mixes well with that, spread some of that excessiveness with others that could use it,


and it will help you in the process, and humility puts a nice cherry on that humble pie of pride.


Since the beginning of time or the beginning of existence, Love has had the initial hand in producing all that is, everything starts with a clean slate,


when working from an attitude of true love, Wisdom is the result, any sort of deviation from Love like towards the material based ideals, tips the scales,


a wandering away from true love causes the beginning of a lack of wisdom, we are all not saints, especially living in our 3 dimensional existences,


we have to find the acceptable common ground to meet at, when venturing towards our material needs we should keep in mind compassion, charity and tolerance in order successfully mesh our spiritual with our material.

more stuff to follow soon...