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A website about the great trinity of Love, Wisdom, and Truth

Written by Lance Volk, a Quora Contributor

When the greatest of all things, LOVE is combined with WISDOM, TRUTH is always the outcome.  It is a truism that all of life can be based

Love plus Wisdom equals Truth


Let's say that you have a problem believing in God or the Tao, you might even consider yourself an Atheist, this is no problem, especially if you believe in Love, Love is the greatest thing known and unknown, it is the universal understanding of good, true love is absolutely unconditional and is ideally all-encompassing.


For the religious ones of you, God created all that is out of the love for all that is, just as love flows from the Tao freely, Love has no bad karmic repercussions, it, in fact, reverses bad karmic effects, it is immune to all negative emotions, it doesn't get jealous, it doesn't require anything from anybody, it simply IS.


Love is in fact "The Greatest Thing in the World", Henry Drummond thinks so and has written a short explanation stating such, he makes biblical references, but if you are not religious, they will make no difference.


There is universal importance for Love that transcends all religions and beliefs, it does not matter what your belief system is if you believe in true, unconditional love, and that is the basis of your belief system, all other considerations are inconsequential.

Love, Wisdom, and Truth?


Just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the peanut butter and jelly are Love and Wisdom and the bread is the truth that encompasses it all.


It is sad that love has been limited by conceptions of how it should be, stipulations and conditions have been placed upon it that has dumbed it down where Wisdom no longer can be a part of it.


Love should be always unconditional and always free to be everywhere with no stipulations.


Just like the light from the sun shines on all without a thought of leaving anyone out, it's brilliance plays no favorites, it's welcome warmth is available to all that encounter it.


This is how Love is, and Wisdom is proud to be a part of it.....And that is the Truth.


There cannot be a discussion about Love, Wisdom, and Truth without bringing duality into the mix by presenting the other half of this seemingly eternal team of Hate, Ignorance, and Lies,


they just seem to roll off of your tongue, these horrible 3 are the material side of existence as opposed to our "good guys" which are on the spiritual or divine side of the fence, these material based misfits hang out with the likes of Greed, Fear, and Lust,


it is kind of obvious that they are not virtues, but then again they are part of our dualistic existence and need to be accommodated for by allowing some small and I hope a very small percentage to seep through.


Our Free Will will determine how much.


Since we are bringing aspects of hermeticism into this discussion, it should be recognized that Love and Hate are on opposite sides of the spectrum, there are many positions between the two that can be realized as one or the other,


at best we can assume a position as an observer and try not to get involved to great extents, opinions among people travel back and forth on this scale greatly, tolerance is a great defense for this.


Just as Wisdom and Ignorance travel this type of scale also, tolerance is also an equalizer that allows different views to be observed while keeping you on the plus side.


Truth and Lies or fewer truths can be mostly matters of opinion and are the trickiest to deal with, tolerance again may save the day in these cases.


When you think of Wisdom, do you believe wise words are the truth? Do certain passages from your favorite scriptures leave you with an undeniable feeling of truth and Wisdom in them?


Wisdom is also a universal property of Truth and not the sole property of any particular religion.


When you see someone acting in a loving, compassionate way towards someone, do you believe them wise? If they were acting this way towards someone that you did not like, you may think them the fool,


but the truth is that love and compassion cannot be used in a bad way, especially if it is done as an unselfish act. Can you see the Wisdom in that?


You would think that there is a very limited discussion that can be had from Love, Wisdom, and Truth, but in fact, these three simple words could end all war and all world hunger,


when you look at every situation through the eyes of unconditional Love, nothing but good can result from it, if we were all endowed with great wisdom, the ignorance and stupidity would be a faint part of an insignificant history that would be taught in schools to remind us of our savage past,


and Truth would be the Light that would open all of our eyes to a reality that was always there but concealed by the ignorance of Hate which results from the stupidity of greed and falsehoods.


Our examples and actions are the greatest testimony in the power of these three simple words.


Love and Wisdom have often be compared to sex, the love aspect is represented by the woman and the wisdom aspect is represented by the man.


The compassionate nurturing of a mother are the basis of Love and the positive willful actions of a man are a product of Wisdom, the strength of wisdom and the heartfelt love are the two sides of the metaphorical coin of truth,


they both embrace a balance that must be maintained, the yin and yang of existence, and when the marriage of these two are formed, the most perfect example of their child truth can be presented for all to follow.


Competition, high aspirations, excess, pride, these all need to be balanced when it comes to Love, Wisdom, and Truth, they are based on and or the causes of material things,


they are the oil that doesn't mix well with our pure water, unfortunately, they are a part of all of our material existences, how about mixing a little cooperation and kindness with that competition,


those high aspirations don't always have to be personal, a little altruism mixes well with that, spread some of that excessiveness with others that could use it,


and it will help you in the process, and humility puts a nice cherry on that humble pie of pride.


Since the beginning of time or the beginning of existence, Love has had the initial hand in producing all that is, everything starts with a clean slate,


when working from an attitude of true love, Wisdom is the result, any sort of deviation from Love like towards the material based ideals, tips the scales,


wandering away from true love causes the beginning of a lack of wisdom, we are all not saints, especially living in our 3-dimensional existences,


we have to find the acceptable common ground to meet at, when venturing towards our material needs we should keep in mind compassion, charity and tolerance in order successfully mesh our spiritual with our material.


Love is tough, it is very difficult to have unconditional love for everything, there must be a degree of acceptability especially for humans living in a three-dimensional existence,


we all have to contend with our senses for these conditions we put on love, it is easy to love ice cream, but not so easy to love some other and probably healthier food,


the smell of a rose is pleasant, but the smell of (and you can fill in the blank) isn't so nice, the same goes for visual beauty and pleasant sounds,


it isn't hard to like one more than the other, and when it comes to our sense of touch and our thought process, we all have the acceptable and unacceptable things that we live by,


not even thinking we swat the mosquito that lands on us, the ant found crawling on us in our own home has very little chance of surviving,


though we may not go out of our way to track down every ant on our property and destroy them, we still instinctively kill which isn't very nice,


I personally give fair warning to all creatures that invade my space telling them that there is nothing here for them except death, and it would be best if they stayed outside,


it all boils down to attitude, by keeping a loving attitude, in general, would be the wisest course of action.


What is the truth? Some people think it is not getting caught in a lie, it is sad how truth is being circumvented by semantics and confused by technical words,


why do people not search for the truth in truth, it seems that truth is being replaced by excuses and is being explained away by confusion and subterfuge,


where is the honor? The saddest part is that our governments fully support this type of action, just look at the news and see what is acceptable these days.


Lies are told, found out and soon forgotten, rinse and repeat, without stern respect for the truth, wisdom will always be lacking, it is easy to say, I love this and I love that, but talk is cheap, it is time to walk the walk,


love will always be lacking when honesty has taken the back seat to pride and appearances, and until we all grow up and speak the truth and truly love one another enough,


to be honest in all of our dealings, wisdom shall always remain an illusion in our prideful, arrogant and vain minds.


What is Wisdom? Wisdom is the realization that everyone and everything on our planet including the entire earth is part of the same thing,


Wisdom is respecting everyone's and everything's existence and beliefs, Wisdom is learning from all of our differences to make the world a better place to live,


Wisdom is to realize that Love is the most important thing that we could ever consider. Wisdom can be considered many other things,


mostly of common sense, not running with scissors, not playing in traffic, not peeing into the wind, learning from other peoples mistakes, I might make a statement that wisdom is relative,


but it shouldn't be, it should be a worldwide constant, but the environment, governments, and peoples superstitions about their religions and falling in with other peoples false personalities have fragmented this normally straightforward ideal to exclude unconditional love. This surely needs to be repaired.


There is much to be said about these three words, simple as they may be, they are probably the most important words in anyone's life,


without these words there can be no true happiness, no well being and no practical advancement in life, unconditional love is the cornerstone of any good relationship,


be it big or small, personal or business, going into a situation with an open mind willing to give the benefit of the doubt on the onset of any venture gives an air of integrity to all involved,


wisdom will surely follow in these situations, dealing from a truthful standpoint from the very beginning shows your loving intentions to all involved,


these three simple words are part of one another and are universally entwined, it is very difficult to deal with only one of these words,


they are an intricate part of cause and effect and always help to resolve any karma that has been acquired.


Just imagine if there was only truth in the words people speak, I am not speaking of personal views and opinions, but a conscious embracing of truth in all of its aspects, being dealt with everyone all of the time, where there would never be any subterfuge about any subject, idea or belief,


knowing where everyone stands clearly is a two-edged sword, there are some peoples truths that are not acceptable to other people, no matter how nice they are about it, this is where Love comes in, it is the sheath to this two-edged sword,


it tempers the different views with understanding and tolerance where this run amok truth-telling can be viewed with some wisdom to be dealt with in a fair unbiased way,


it is not only a more logical process, but it is infinitely less material in nature, as most subterfuge is materially based, be it for greed, power or wealth.


     This brings us to peoples version of truth-telling, everyone has their version of the truth, what they consider truth is based on many things, what someone they respect tells them, what they hear on the news, what they read on the internet and the list goes on,


materialism has a big hand in these so-called truths, for example, many many years ago, the native Americans would have a peace pipe that was used as a social instrument when meeting someone new and unfamiliar,


ironically some of these pipes were made from tomahawks which would cover the anti-social version of a situation, a bit of tobacco or marijuana was shared between two newly met people or tribes and an agreement was met upon to not fight,


later, the rolling paper was developed and so was smoking, there was still a social content to this but its importance was greatly diluted, smoking became a past time or habit that was later discovered to be harmful to your health,


this billion dollar industry had taken hold of peoples lives and didn't want to let go,


later, an off-shoot of this came out called the vape, it claimed to be the safe alternative to smoking, but it still contained the key ingredient which held people captive, this device was refined so that the vapor was not scented and undetectable to others,


it marketed itself as a way to quit smoking, yet people did not quit smoking, they just traded it for vaping, nicotine is a poison, but its use has been accepted by society, it is proven to be addictive and causes many unhealthy reactions in the body,


and is involved in birth defects among other problems found and not yet discovered, this product has a large economic value and will not go away easily if it is allowed, it will shackle you, it is a perfect example of materiality's effect on the senses,


the truth of nicotine not being good for you is plain, but since it is found naturally in trace amounts in some foods, it is thought to be natural and good, this excuse is all that is needed to circumvent truth and unknowingly allow you become another prisoner of materiality,


nicotine does not occur naturally as an airborne particle but it does appear in some foods as a natural defense from insect attack, but putting this chemical in an aerosol form is no different from second-hand smoke other than having fewer carcinogens,


your children and loved ones are still at risk, this is the power of materialism at its worst, it causes normal people to defend a known poison and ignore the truth so that their senses can be appeased and the economic industry will defend it to our deaths,


this is an example of a truth that is unpopular and a good amount of society is willing to ignore, just look at asbestos and how long it was after it was found to be unhealthy before it was made illegal to use in building materials,


and that is only in the United States, it is still a big industry in Russia, the average life span there is about 6 years less than in the US, there are cases where love and wisdom need to catch up to the truth.


I cannot bad mouth all materialism as some of it has increased the quality of life, indoor plumbing, and air conditioning, refrigeration keeps us healthier and more comfortable, mostly it comes down to our free will and the strength we have to use it correctly.

The Importance of Life


So far this site has been hung-up on three little words, Love, Wisdom and Truth, the importance of these three words really take effect when you realize their importance in your life, we are all together here on this planet, experiencing a 3 dimensional existence along with the rest of the earth, the land the trees and plants and the animals,


without some amount of guiding words, we will all just run amok, It is one thing to fight among each other because of our beliefs, but it is another thing to destroy our planet and its inhabitants, polluting the atmosphere, deforestation and the treatment of the animal life is something that is taken for granted in these times,


for starters an unconditional love for all that is is a good start, treating everything with the same consideration as we would like to be treated may allow us all to exist in harmony, there is a need for coal by humanity that needs to be replaced, coal mining destroys the environment in many different ways, it displaces wildlife, pollutes water, kills plant life and poisons our atmosphere to name a few,


the material benefits are essential to many countries, but at what cost? Technology is able to replace coal or in the least reduce its dependence, better insulation to keep houses warmer and enabling the production of hydrogen as a replacement energy source is a good idea once the "Bottom Line" is reevaluated in the sense of life vs profit.


As life progresses, technology progresses and our priorities begin to shift towards the material, you begin to love your stuff, your cell phone, your social network, your television, your sports team, and the list goes on,


material stuff really is not who we are, we are so much more than what our senses present to us, this really is only a test, and not an easy test, only hundreds of years ago it was easier to be spiritual, the distractions were different and not as easy to come by,


now we can sit in airconditioned comfort using our indoor plumbing, go to the fridge and get what we want or call to get what we want to be delivered, communication is basically instantaneous, games on our computers, entertainment on our televisions and a host of many different types of sense satisfactions are abounding,


they distract us from reality they cloud our wisdom and mask the truth where we are all comfortably complacent, now we only care about the stars of television and internet and what they say and do, they are the teachers of materiality and we are the mesmerized students,


if there were to be some sort of giant EM pulse that would immobilize all of our technology for just a week, that might be enough of a reality check to snap some of us out of our sense driven stupors and enable us to search within for some wisdom.


The Power behind these three words are totally spiritual in nature, the material world has very little use of them, it is true that they are used to describe certain material aspects of life,


but that cannot be helped because we all live on a material based planet that lives within its senses, there is a "wisdom" of using electric cars over gas, and the "truth" about global warming cannot be denied and feeling a great "love" for my favorite sports team makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but this isn't where the power of these words reside, these are just superficial concepts that are short-lived, but we feel an importance for them because we "feel" them, the divine aspect of these words lead us to a Spiritual Realization that has been discussed in Theology for thousands of years,


the philosophy behind these words are varied and have been made the lives work of many great people throughout history, I don't wish to hijack these words for purely spiritual reasons as they still need to be used whenever they can even if it is to describe the most simple meaningless thing that can be thought of,


their lofty, altruistic and selfless uses are what make them truly great like a spectacular sunset, they cannot be wasted, only abused somewhat, but they are tough and everlasting like the sun or should I say some sun, as the light will always be out there somewhere.


Enough cannot be said about Love, Wisdom, and Truth, they have differing degrees as viewed by each of us, they are realized by everyone differently, so who is really right? And who has the right to say who is really right?


We all have moral compasses that we live by and humanity tries to make laws for us all to live by, but there still is the crude underbelly of our societies that live and exist outside of mans law where atrocities are accepted and even lived by certain factions of humanity that are driven by greed and have no respect for human rights,


freedom to worship as you wish and not have your property taken from you, let alone being taken into slavery and used and sold to others that believe the same, they would have you believe that this is fair game and too bad you are not as ruthless as they are,


what is their definition of Love, Wisdom, and Truth? Do they even consider these words ever? All of these people are the victims of their own false personality, they cannot see past their senses and live for their material gains, their definitions of these three words are purely material based.


On the other hand, there are organizations out there that have the world's best interest in mind and strive to help humanity as a whole, they are basically unheard of because they are not so interested in profit and are not so attractive to the materialists,


they appeal to real humanity all around the world, they want peace and to feed the hungry and preserve all human rights, they are the true altruistic organizations, and they are supported by the few materialistic humans that have finally realized that those three beautiful words really mean something worthwhile,


where love is always unconditional, this is how they have acquired their wisdom, and when they see how these organizations help the world, truth prevails. It would be a worthwhile venture to explore these organizations,


some are small and more personal, and others are huge and help humanity on a global scale and all of these are worth getting involved with, it is all up to us to turn the tide of human greed towards giving to all of our brothers and sisters.


By now it must seem quite obvious that Love, Wisdom, and Truth are good things that should be in everyone's life, and probably to some people this site is silly because I am stating the obvious,


kudos to those people that find this site redundant and unnecessary in their life as you probably live an ideal life without such confusion, it is for the people that this is not so readily apparent that this site is intended for,


I feel that these three words are worth spelling out to those that do not understand why the words have such importance, you need only to look these words up in the dictionary or on the internet to get a better idea of their meaning, and their importance will sink in after a while.


The love we feel for everyone will be the start of our evolution, unconditional love is not so easy as we all have opinions as to how life should be lived and wish to let everyone know these opinions,


this is not bad, the hard part is leaving it at that and allowing others to follow their paths, your opinions are yours and should not be forced upon anyone else, an acceptance of these differences is what will show your wisdom,


some of these paths differ from yours as all people are not you, they need to prove their own way, the recognition of wisdom is also a part of this process, paying attention to other peoples opinions may also modify your path for the better,


as our unconditional love will lead to eventual wisdom, the truth will be the outcome and that outcome will be recognized and appreciated by all.

The Hindrances to Human Evolution


With all of the wars and inability to just get along it is not surprising that we have not come any further than we have as a race, we use excuses like religion to keep the unrest going,


we are all just so set in our ways, this land is ours because it was written in our scriptures that it is ours and anybody that doesn't believe as we do can't stay in it, alive anyways,


the selfishness and narrow mindedness of our civilizations are what is holding humanity back, and this isn't just limited to certain parts of the world,


the United States which is supposed to be so civilized by having so many different faiths in one country still guards and greedily supports its specific faiths to the point of bad mouthing non-believers and non-followers,


a competition still prevails between the different places of worship, differences are tolerated, but more should be done on everyone's part to embrace our differences, we need to set an example for the rest of humanity to follow,


all men are created equal is a good thought, but living by it is another thing, if you don't like the sound of a rooster crowing, you shouldn't live in the country.


A transformation or a transference of emotion from hate to love is what is sorely needed to improve our chances to evolve, replacing greed with charity and pride with humility will temper our emotions to enable all of us to coexist with each other,


we do not need to sacrifice our free will, we just need to preserve other peoples free will, we do not need to change our beliefs as we do not need to change other peoples beliefs, live and let live is a good motto to live by,


we may have opinions and we can state them but we have no right to enforce them on others, wisdom shall come to us when we realize all of our similarities and embrace our differences,


we cannot help but live in our sense driven existences, we just need to realize that we have the control required to determine if we intend to take the reins of our lives or just let our lives run us,


letting our emotions control us and surrendering to our senses is a loss of control that we cannot afford if we intend to progress as a race and be considered civilized.


It shouldn't be as hard as people make it, it is one thing to have faith in God or beliefs that will make our world a better place to live and it is another thing to think that our personal views are the only ones worth considering,


if the ultimate goals of our beliefs are peace and unconditional love, there is very little that should hinder the acquisition of those goals other than pride, greed, and power,


by using some discrimination in our scriptures and ignoring the fear generated and not succumbing to the threats and superstition, we will all end up with the same things that are trying to be obtained,


no one is in any position to dictate how we worship as long as it does not interfere with anyone's free will, we all have different paths that we follow, and as long as they all end up in the same place eventually,


there should be no great concern about how we get there, and possibly we can learn something worthwhile from others in the process.

Wisdom about Love


Yes, there is most definitely wisdom about love and actually, it is sort of a no-brainer because when all of your thoughts and actions come from unconditional love there is always an outcome that is better than otherwise,


if you even think logically about it, a feeling coming from hate or greed or lust for example always has a result that is less compatible or less divine or even less attractive than otherwise,


love, charity, and chastity are clearly better in all respects, they are less threatening and put people at ease and most definitely the wise choice, in fact, all of the virtues are born from the love which is the universally spiritual action of the divine,


Love may not make you materially rich or give you power but its attributes are essentially more desirable in a civilized society, and to make no mistake, we are speaking of unconditional love,


the type of love that is free and not requiring any sort of action on the part of the receiver and it's use and acceptance dissolves jealousy, envy, and pride which is also a wise course of action,


Love can transform societies quickly but it is difficult as our existences are material driven and our senses have very little to do with it, it cannot be smelled or tasted or seen or felt by touch or even heard,


this is not to say that a loving action cannot be seen or a loving comment heard, but it can most definitely be felt inside as the best emotion there is or at least it is the basis upon which all of the good emotions evolve,


the wisdom about love is fairly obvious and shouldn't have to be explained to anyone, yet our world has proven otherwise and it does need to be expounded upon.


It is sad that in our society we accept racist comments as a norm if you are anyone other than the president, your career can be ruined, it should be the opposite,


speaking from a place of power influences many people where a singer or model may have a personal point of view whereas a president is supposed to speak for our nation and people think that this sort of action is good because the person that they voted for said it,


this sort of attitude is poisoning our country and turning back the progress we have made over 50 years, it is understandable that there must be a degree of strength presented when you are in a position of power,


but obvious political posturing for the reason of securing a position in the next election is a wrong way of putting the public let alone the world at ease,


if the comments are meant to appease the majority of potential voters, this may backfire especially if this is truly how the individual feels,


seeking a resolution out of tolerance and love would speak volumes more than trying to appeal to a supposed majority and would give power to where it is really needed,


we have more than enough hate and not nearly enough love in the world right now and a tolerant loving stand taken now would pave the way to peace for the future, and it would most definitely prove the wisdom about love.

Where Do I Find Truth?


Truth has an objective and subjective view, everyone has their own truth as they see it, it is not any better or worse than anyone else's truth,


but the truth that we shall investigate here is a more substantial truth than someone's opinion, for example, If I were to say that Love is better than Hate, that would be considered the truth by a vast majority of people,


but it is vague, if I were to say that unconditional love is better than the hate of any kind, there could be disagreement because a set of scenarios can be presented that could make an argument for either view,


this truth that you seek will have conditions, but in the spiritual sense, this will have to be determined from within and can not be anything more than your own personal truth,


you may explain it to others, but until they look within and see what you see, it will remain a personal opinion,


you may hear people talk about a particular truth that they have determined, since you are not them, it may not be believed unless you do as they have done to prove otherwise,


the truth about reality should not just be believed, it should be investigated and studied, you have been given free will and intuition to enable you to make up your own mind to what the truth about anything actually is,


facts, proof, and research are just a small part of determining truth, one person's opinion or a billion peoples opinion do not determine the truth, and if you are itching to find some particular truth,


make sure it is worth knowing before you invest your precious time exploring it.


First of all, you must be truthful with yourself, if you take a step back and observe yourself as you have progressed through your life you will start to notice the flaws,


the areas of your life where you have been fooling yourself, you will have made decisions to do certain things based on bogus beliefs that you have justified one way or another,


after you have made an initial analysis of your life and determined where and when you tried to fool yourself for whatever reason then you will be better qualified to look into other peoples truth,


this exercise should be done several times, as you will find that there will be other truths about yourself presenting themselves to you each time which will, in turn, increase the insights into your self and in turn into others,


you will soon start to discover why people do what they do and think what they think you ask where do I find the truth? Truth always has to be found within yourself first before even attempting to find it outside of yourself,


and as you seek this truth it is important to remember to not judge anyone for what they do, you might question their actions, but judging the validity of what they do is and always will be out of the scope of your understanding or reason as you are not them and ultimately are not responsible for their actions or the repercussions thereof.

True Wisdom


What is True Wisdom? Is it that old sage that seems to know all of the answers to life? You know who I am talking about, the guy with the beard and long hair and no money or place to live who seems to be the happiest person you have ever met,


this does not necessarily have to be the definition of a wise person, there are wise people that have money and have places to live, they are clean-cut but where the similarities lie is that they have not made the material things in life a priority,


they have come to realize that true wisdom is not about how you look and you do not have to live in poverty to be wise, what the wise people do with their spare time and money is what begins to define their wisdom,


even though Buddha did live his life to extremes in order to grasp the lessons being taught, it doesn't mean that everyone that seeks true wisdom needs to lead an ascetic lifestyle,


after all, someone needs to work in order to give the beggars their alms, there is wisdom in feeding the poor and hungry as you would be doing unto others as you would have them do to unto you,


charity is not just for the rich, your time is worth as much as anyone else's and time spent helping others in need is a truly wise endeavor for anyone of any class.

I Want to Find Love


A truly important goal in anyone's life is finding Love if you are one that wants to limit themself to just loving one person or if you are one that wants to love all that you encounter,


this is not a difficult mission, first and foremost you must put out the all-encompassing vibe of love to everything and everywhere, and this vibe must be unconditional and unlimited,


this is the best starting point in order to find love, as it will be what you are now attracting with the new vibe that you are putting out, and the unconditional aspect of this is very important as it will make your love limitless and genuine,


be careful to not make the mistake of thinking that lust is love, this can be easily determined by what limitations that you may have placed on the ones that you love,


you will want your true love to spread by all means and jealousy has no part of any of it, also it should be recognized that love should not have any material aspects for the most part,


the giving in a charitable sense can be an exception to this rule and feeling that you love so much that it hurts is really something different than you think, when I want to find love, it is the giving that is easiest,


the giving of yourself by helping and listening to those in need does not cost you anything but time, volunteering for some charitable event or an  organization is another way to spread love to those that need it most,


if you are just looking for a mate to spend the rest of your life with it is still best to progress as previously mentioned if you expect to find love without putting out the vibe or effort it may turn out to be a lengthy wait,


and what may be attracted to you may not be of love but will probably be a valuable lesson in your quest for love anyways, having an attitude that you are grateful, for just being alive is a good catalyst for bringing the right situations and people to you,


going to bars or parties may not be the best avenue to follow where the search for love is concerned, when you decide to change your life and attitudes do not have any expectations and love will surely come before you realize that you were even looking for it.

Is Love a Choice?


Everything in life is a choice, love just happens to be one of the better choices that you could ever make, the truest love is of course unconditional,


deciding to love instead of hate is and will always be the best answer to all situations, our "Free Will" enables us to make this choice when someone does us wrong our answer to them should be love,


it not only is good for us but it is also good for them and letting love drive our emotions will stifle those emotional outbursts of rage when something doesn't appear to go our way,


by embracing love in all situations you will ensure that no new karmic repercussions will appear in your life and in fact, you may dissolve and balance out some of those cosmic imbalances of the past,


love is always a choice when in doubt, choose love, and this love that is mentioned here is a pure love not to be confused with lust, it should encompass all that you see in order for it to be used to its fullest,


and by choosing love first in all situations, this shall clear the way for all of your other choices, it shall make them more viable and easier to swallow for the others that you deal with,


love on our planet is greatly unused, people think that they have much love to give but it is limited to their family and friends, this is the easy no-brainer kind of love that most people have and use,


charity is an avenue to follow to express unconditional love, it is, of course, your choice to whom or what to give, even how you live your life is a choice of how your love is expressed,


how you treat the land that you live on and how the animals that you share the land with are treated and even the land itself is a reflection of how much we love it,


love can be all-encompassing if we let it, and it is very true that love is a choice, so choose wisely.

Is Wisdom a Virtue?


How could it not be? Going through life stupid and carefree may seem to be fun at first, but when the cause and effect catches up with your karma the illusion will dissolve in a pool of chaos,


knowing something is much better than thinking that you know something, but knowing that you don't know things and striving to learn more and realizing the more you learn the less you really know, this is the beginning of wisdom,


the humility of admitting that you just don't know certain things is a very valuable place to be, wise men may not be rich or drive fancy cars or live in luxurious houses but they know how to live their lives with an outcome that will give them a head start on their next life,


they give good advice, they may not be in a position of power but they should be, just face it, knowing what is right and what is wrong and living your life according to those beliefs will give you an easier going life,


knowing the answer to life or the meaning of our existences are a thing to be sought after and will never end, there is always someone that knows more than you and there is always someone that says that they know more than you and in most cases, they are different people,


true wisdom is much more apparent as it attracts less attention which seems to make it harder to find but is much more recognizable when it is found,


virtue and wisdom do not normally make the news and is not really popular in our materialistic society and they are not supposed to be,


they are attributes of the spiritual and are not normally interesting to our physical, sense driven selves, Think About That.

What is the Truth of Life?


Life is realized in many different ways, some people believe that the accumulation of money is life's goal and others the collection of wisdom,


the wielding of power, the conquest of people, the collection of stuff,

priorities differ among individuals, their aspirations are theirs and your aspirations are yours,


one truth of life is that you should pursue your passions with all of the energy you can muster,


if there is something that you love and it may be something that you are good at, you should make your best attempts to follow these passions as best as you can,


it is usually best if this passion is something that can be done for a living even if it doesn't seem that it will make enough money for you to exist,


if this is the case, a secondary job may be necessary while you can still do what you love, eventually, your passion/s will blossom into something that will be more than you ever expected,


attitude will be an important key here, staying in a positive mode will allow this to progress easier, there may be some challenges but you shall relish them as you are doing what you love,


what you do not want to do is something that you do not like even if it is for a lot of money, no matter how much money that you make, it will not be satisfying to you and you will end up miserable,


life should be fun and interesting, it does not always prove to be this way and how we decide to handle the rough times will be what carves out our character,


it is difficult to be positive when negative things happen in your life, there will always be lessons to learn in life and how they are handled and with what type of composure will determine how well we have done,


there will be many truths discovered along the way, and they shall bring you closer to you answers of life,


love in all of its aspects will be a great jumping off point, unconditional love will teach you of the tolerance for others,


you will be pursuing your passions while everyone else will be chasing theirs, do not concern yourself with what they are doing, they are not you,


there is nothing wrong with being inquisitive and learning about other peoples dreams will help explain yours to you,


the more you learn about yourself in the process of pursuing your passions, the better able you will be to understand other people and the truth of life.

Only The Truth


When it comes to wisdom, the truth is the only reasonable course to follow, these days there are many choices to consider, beliefs are abound and many people will tell you what their version of the truth is,


you hear it in the media, you hear it from your friends, you hear it from your job and you hear it from your family, only you can determine what your own truth really is, that being said proposes that the truth is always subjective,


it also can have some objectivity in it where there is a way to discern the proper truth to be realized, this can sometimes be difficult because we are not always open to revealing our own biases and weaknesses,


we really do not even know our selves well enough, so how can we be expected to know or even trust what we believe the truth even is,


self observation is the key here, this is something that our ego does not care to do because it circumvents our reason and logic with emotions, this is where being a child with a vivid imagination can come back to make a big pay off,

we need only imagine another portion of our self that has no agenda whatsoever, it essentially only observes, it analyzes our thoughts and actions and desires and explains them to you in a complete unbiased, non critical manner that makes absolutely no judgements whatsoever,

this information in-turn is used to inform you and even change your character if you believe that it needs to be changed, most of all, it has stripped the emotional content away from your beliefs and decision making process so you may see them the way they should be seen,

this process will work only if you are willing to be completely open with yourself, you will start by addressing all of your beliefs and the motivations behind them, if any of these motivations involve fear or greed and the like,

you have a starting point towards the changes that are needed to be made, truth in its entirety cannot be realized when material based or fear based ideas are the determining factors behind them,

they would be biased and unreliable, when you know yourself completely and reliably, you have a much better chance of recognizing the actual truth.

Is Wisdom the same as knowledge?


Just the asking of such a question shows that there is a degree of curiosity which is healthy and has the mind searching for the correct answers,


wisdom is the ability to understand knowledge for what it actually is, just because you know a bunch of stuff does not mean that you are wise,


wisdom should be considered the proper use of the stuff that you do know, an adequate use of virtue and a denial of sin could be considered a wise use of knowledge,


just as an abuse of sinful actions and the ignorance of virtue would prove a lack of wisdom, scientists may know a lot of empirical facts but that does not necessarily make them wise,


knowing not to play with matches in a firework factory would indeed carry some degree of wisdom as well as knowing that when you drink milk straight from the bottle will cause it to go sour faster,


wisdom goes much deeper than this and may also be much more subtle even to the resident genius, there are always those that believe that if they know the odds of something or the percentage of something happening,


they believe that they can reason what will happen in certain situations, they fail to see that if the certain thing is avoided all together the odds and or percentage of something happening just went to zero,


when a life is made complex, it attracts complex problems, whereas a simple life has simple problems, this is also true for what people may consider important or necessary in their lives,


wisdom is something that evades much of today's knowledge, agendas in greed and power have seen to this, lame excuses for faulty reasoning tries to pass as wisdom but always seems to fall short,


the point always seems to be missed that selfless virtue is always a big part of wisdom, and this fact seems to turn off those that wish to progress individual agendas,


smoke screens are set into motion that attempt to cloud issues so that they are not recognized as the self serving ploys that they usually end up being,


this seems to be a favorite political tactic used by the far right these days, the few media outlets that pass these off as facts are usually seen for what they really are and it doesn't have anything to do with wisdom, let alone facts,


it is up to all of us as reasonable, logical humans to ignore these greed generated lies trying to be passed off as facts to preserve any sort of wisdom we may already have about our knowledge and let this abuse of the 1st amendment be seen as the self serving propaganda that it really is.

How Truthful is the Social Network?


     So, you are reading stuff and you are wondering how true it really is, any and all social networks are nothing more than opinions, and even if they have the word "truth" in their name it does not guarantee that anything can be taken as truthful,


as Elon Musk proposes to buy twitter or make an offer for his own personal reasons and claims to be the liberator of the first amendment, Donald Trump's pride has him sticking with his newly formed social network,


both of these networks are opening the doors to opinions of every kind imaginable, as for truth, this is what you are going to have to determine using your free will,


there will be groups of every kind, people will gather with those that tell them what they want to hear, the actual truth will have to be found elsewhere or at least be verified elsewhere,


for those that enjoy the comfort of their delusion, they shall continue to label things that they do not care for as "fake news" and continue believing what the others of their social groups believe,


social networks are necessary in order to test people, what you may believe as truth and for what ever reason you may support it with and the actions you may take because of these generated beliefs will be forming your character,


social networks are good for sharing opinions, there are no laws that state that the truth must be told, just as in politics, the truth is something that is manipulated for personal gain or personal advantage,


lawful testimony under oath is the holy water that burns the lies out from under the abusers, those that have the most followers do not necessarily tell the truth but have the ear of tens of millions of people and use them to the advantages that they are only privy to know,


truth is based on fact, not on opinion, and the sooner that people realize this the sooner they will recognize what social networks are really good for.

Best Karma



Usually, people are concerned with what is going to happen to them when they acquire bad karma, this can consist of a myriad of scenarios that have the ability to cancel out bad karma or reinforce bad decisions made,


there is a safe zone of sorts when dealing with karma and it deals with unconditional love, when in doubt, unconditional love can do no bad,


it at least will not acquire more karma for you than you already have, doing good, selfless things tend to dissolve bad karma, it doesn't offset large imbalances that require lessons for the soul to learn but it gets an idea across that has a positive outcome on your current life and the souls search for the answers that it seeks,


when you live a life of virtue that is mostly selfless and rarely selfish, there can be an accumulation of good karma, this can be held in reserve to help offset the ignorant choices that may be made down the road,


the absolute best karma that can be acquired is that which resolves previously attained bad karma, you may have no idea what this is but you can rest assured that there will be some situation presented to you in your life that will give you the opportunity to resolve some bad karma from either your current life or from some previous life,


all that you have to do is make the proper choices to ensure there is a good karmic outcome, as mentioned before, this is usually a virtuous decision that is selfless in nature,


sometimes, it is a bit more involved than this and possibly some sort of sacrifice will have to be made, the really tough choices will teach the soul the most, all the while developing a superior character for your physical self,


this does not mean you have to run into every burning building you see to save the day, but for some, this is not always out of the question, self sacrifice for a worthy cause usually has a good spiritual outcome unless there is a martyr complex involved,


usually just sticking to being a good person is enough for any person, just be prepared to meet the required challenges as they come up.



Can AI feel emotions?



     AI can simulate emotions, but it still must be programmed to do such a thing, Normally, AI's cannot have subjective experiences because they are void of physical senses,


this would make having emotional responses rather difficult, data can be compiled, assorted responses can be compiled and the correlation between the two can be analyzed and then a sampling can be made and some assumed answers can be expressed in the form of some simulated, perceived emotion,


it may be an accurate response that could be attained from an average sampling but it is in no way an actual emotional feeling, a google search AI may access an emotional need for something and then lead you where you believe you have been intuitively sent,


usually things like this are due to advertising algorithms that cleverly sends you to something that is being sold and someone is being paid by the click,


certain companies will have you believe that they have created an AI that actually feels emotions along with being infallible, this also is part of the hype of why you are seeing an increase of articles involving AI,


there are new companies out there and they need investors that will buy their stock, but what would be the purpose in a machine that can feel emotions?


It is probably to make them seem more personable and wise so that you will more easily do their bidding, what is troubling is that normally, emotions are not very stable in people and emotional algorithms may reflect this thus show instability at times,


except this comes with a power that is backed by the speed of a computer, I cannot see a good reason to make AI's feel emotions other than exploitation,


and yes, it has a chance of becoming dangerous, especially if some emotional AI doesn't get what it wants, of course, all of this is up to each individual AI's creator and what their intentions are,


usually such things are a function of their pride or greed and have very little to do with helping humanity.